Bill Manning

I’ve spent my whole life in sales and service of some kind and love helping people.  I moved to Pensacola at 19 from just outside Chicago and never looked back. After traveling the country with a 10 year career in commercial audio, I met my wife and we knew we wanted to build something together.  We opened and grew a beloved little bar & restaurant called The Magnolia in one of Pensacola’s many fine neighborhoods, East Pensacola Heights.  We really took to making our own way, and in 2017 we opened Wild Lemon Pilates and now have 2 locations in East Hill, Pensacola.  Throughout everything, we have bought and sold, flipped and fixed and Airbnb’d (is that a verb now?) many properties and have always loved the experience and the challenge.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to curate and convey a space for someone to call home, even when it’s temporary.  I love the supportive, friendly energy at Kuhn Realty and couldn’t be happier being on their team.  When you’re ready, I’m ready, so reach out any time!